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Can I purchase tickets to your festival online?

The short answer is no you can not. We only sell paper tickets at a select few local businesses in the Northwest, as advertised.

I live out of town and plan to travel to Terrace for your festival. How can I get tickets?

We can arrange to hold your tickets at the gate with the names of each person coming, and payment can be made by etransfer. Send us an email to to secure your tickets

Someone is selling tickets for your event online. Is it legit?

Nope! Please do not purchase electronic tickets from anyone. This is a scam and it happens so often at so many events. Please only purchase direct from us if you are out of town, or from one of the local businesses that sell our tickets.

Are dogs allowed at your festival?

Please leave your pets at home. We do not allow any animals of any kind at our festival for health and safety reasons. We also do not allow pets to be kept in vehicles while you are at the festival. The best place for them is in their own home.

If you have a registered medical support dog, then they are permitted.

What should I bring to the festival?

Bring a blanket or a folding chair to sit on and get comfortable. Dress in layers and dress for the weather. This is an outdoor event with little to no cover. If it rains, you will want a rain coat. If its sunny, bring a hat and sunglasses.

Bring cash for the vendors market and beer gardens. SOme vendors will have a card reader and some will only accept cash. The beer garden sells tickets and ONLY accepts cash. No credit or debit.

Can I drop my kids off at the kids zone and they will be entertained?

No. Children MUST be supervised by an adult and there will not be any adult supervision provided in the kids zone. There will be some kid friendly activities but it is up to you, the parent or guardian to supervise your own children.

Can I buy drinks in the beer garden with credit card?

No debit or credit card sales for drinks in the beer gardens.

Drink tickets can only be purchased with cash.

Can I bring my child with me into the beer gardens?

Everyone who enters the beer gardens must be over the age of 19 and have photo ID. This means no small children, no babies in carriers, no one under 19 years of age. Thank you for your cooperation.

Is there camping this year?

Camping is reserved exclusively for our Artists, Vendors and Volunteers.
There will be no camping allowed on the property this year for the general public. We appologize. There is camping nearby at Ferry Island, Brauns Island RV, Copper River Motel and many other places.

Where do we park for the day? Is it free parking?

Parking is free! We will have parking attendants at the bottom of the driveway who will help direct you to the general parking area. Depending on when you arrive, you may have a bit of a walk to get back to where the music and events are happening.

We highly recommend carpooling, walking or riding your bicycle!

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